On-Demand Shift Coverage

Fill open shifts in seconds.

As a facility manager, Frontline Health Staffing can help you fill open shifts quickly by connecting you with a large network of available nurses and healthcare professionals in your area. This saves you time, money, and stress and ensures that your facility has consistent staff coverage and high efficiency. With the help of our app, open shifts can be filled within seconds, ensuring that no person goes without care.

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Easily access healthcare personnel credentials and documents

Staying compliant has never been this easy.

At Frontline Health Staffing, we understand that managing healthcare personnel credentials can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we take care of it for you. We fully credential all of our personnel, store their credentials and documents in a secure digital library, and give your facility immediate access to these records through our app whenever you need them. This way, you can focus on other important aspects of your job.

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Save time and money through enhanced efficiency.

Choose the solution that works best for you.

Per Diem. Travel Contracts. Permanent Placements.

With our large national network, we can tailor a staffing solution that fits your needs. With FLHS, we’ve got you covered.

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Ready to connect to over 56,500 nurses – and fill shifts in seconds?

Manage your staff and fill open shifts quickly and easily.

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